doc. Josef Bryja, Ph.D.

  • Institute of Vertebrate Biology, ASCR, Brno: Head of the Institute´s Board.
  • Department of Zoology and Ecology, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, Brno: Associate Professor (part-time), Lectures: Molecular Ecology, Genetic Methods in Zoology, Advances in Zoology of Vertebrates
  • Email:; Phone: +420 568 422 387
  • [ResearchGate] [ResearchersID] [Institute profile]

doc. Radim Šumbera, Ph.D.

Post-doc researchers

In 2012, three post-doc researchers were employed:

  • O. Mikula (Institute of Vertebrate Biology ASCR, part-time) – responsible for all morphological analyses, organizing the collection of prepared skulls. [Insitute profile]
  • J. Šklíba (University of South Bohemia) – animal collection keeper, assistance in organizing of field work logistics, and sampling in the field. [ResearchGate]
  • M. Lövy (University of South Bohemia) – organizing of the database, animals collection keeper, assistance in organizing of field work logistics, web page of the project

PhD students

Two PhD students continued their work on the project and one new PhD student was employed since July 2012. We also intensively collaborated with two additional PhD students.

  • V. Mazoch (University of South Bohemia) – key PhD student; PhD. title: “The phylogeography of Zambezi region in eastern Africa using rodents as a model” (construction of the database, molecular analyses, field sampling in Mozambique, phylogenetic and population genetic analyses – mainly Aethomys and Mastomys) – should be finished in 2013 (supervised by R. Šumbera). [Institute profile] [ResearchGate]
  • H. Patzenhauerová-Konvičková (Masaryk University) – key PhD student; PhD title: “Factors affecting genetic structure of subterranean rodents in south-eastern Africa” (field sampling, help in the construction of the database, laboratory analyses, field sampling in Mozambique, data analyses of selected groups of rodents – Heliophobius, Fukomys, Grammomys, Praomys delectorum) – should be submitted in the first half of 2013 (supervised by J. Bryja).
  • T. Aghová (Masaryk University) – key PhD student; expected title of PhD study: “Comparative phylogeography of rodents from the biogeographic region Somali-Maasai” (supervised by J. Bryja).
  • K. Palupčíková (Charles University) – in 2012, we developed close collaboration with K. Palupčíková, a PhD student working on taxonomic revisions of the genus Acomys in the Near East. This area is important to understand the biogeographical connections on the dispersal corridor between Asia and Africa (especially Somali-Maasai and Ethiopian regions) and the genus Acomys is very suitable model.
  • M. McDonough (Texas Tech University) – in 2012, we hosted M. McDonough, working during her PhD study on taxonomy, phylogeny and phylogeography of southern African Gerbilliscus. We have complementary sampling and datasets, so we decided to combine our data to have stronger results. This is main reason, why the publications on south-eastern Gerbilliscus (G. leucogaster group) are not yet prepared. [ResearchGate]

Master’s and Bachelor’s students

  • I. Stolárik (Masaryk University), title of MSc thesis: “Phylogeography, population genetic structure and potential hybridization of Ethiopian endemic rodents of the genus Stenocephalemys” (genetic and morphological analysis) – should be finished in 2014. (supervised by J. Bryja)
  • J. Smiešková (University of South Bohemia), title of MSc thesis: “Mus (Nannomys) diversity in Eastern Africa and phylogeography of Mus triton” – should be finished in 2014. (supervised by R. Šumbera)
  • M. Hloušková (Masaryk University) successfully defended her bachelor thesis in 2012: “African rodent genus Aethomys – review of recent knowledge”. (supervised by J. Bryja)
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