Papers with IF published:

  • Meheretu Y., Šumbera R. & Bryja J., Enigmatic Ethiopian endemic rodent Muriculus imberbis (Rüppell 1842) represents a separate lineage within genus Mus. Mammalia – Accepted (2014-01-30). [Ahead of print (Feb 2014)]
  • Bryja J., MikulaO., Patzenhauerová H., Oguge N., ŠumberaR. & Verheyen E., 2014: The role of dispersal and vicariance in the Pleistocene history of an East African mountain rodent, Praomys delectorum. Journal of Biogeography, 41: 196-208. [source]
  • Patzenhauerová H., Šklíba J., Bryja J. & Šumbera R., 2013: Parentage analysis of Ansell’s mole-rat family groups indicates a high reproductive skew despite relatively relaxed ecological constraints on dispersal. Molecular Ecology, 22: 4988-5000. [source]
  • Konečný A., Estoup A., Duplantier J.M., Bryja J., Ba K., Galan M., Tatard C. & Cosson J.F., 2013: Invasion genetics of the introduced black rat (Rattus rattus) in Senegal, West Africa. Molecular Ecology, 22: 286-300. [source] [pdf]
  • Bryja J., Mazoch V., Patzenhauerová H., Mateke C., Zima J. jr., Šklíba J., Šumbera R., 2012: Revised occurrence of rodents from the tribe Praomyini (Muridae) in Zambia based on mitochondrial DNA analyses: implications for biogeography and conservation. Folia Zoologica, 61(3-4): 268-283. [pdf]
  • Bryja J., Granjon L., Dobigny G., Patzenhauerová H., Konečný A., Duplantier J.M., Gauthier P., Colyn M., Durnez L., Lalis A. & Nicolas V., 2010: Plio-Pleistocene history of West African Sudanian savanna and the phylogeography of the Praomys daltoni complex (Rodentia): The environment / geography / genetic interplay. Molecular Ecology, 19: 4783-4799. [source] [pdf]
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